ECDF mKlaster

ECDF mKlaster is the response to the needs of dynamically developing mobile technology industry.

The initiative aims at strengthening the position of companies from Wielkopolska area, increase their competitiveness and have a positive impact on the level of innovation in the region. In order to create the best conditions for their development, we provide our SMEs with technical infrastructure, help them in establishing cooperation with big brands, initiate and coordinate joint projects and also help them to obtain grants. Furthermore, we promote mobile technologies and activities of our cluster members through organization of events, media coverage and taking part in conferences, trainings and fairs. We also act as intermediary between the world of business and science, making the flow of knowledge and experience even more effective for developing innovative solutions.

Our broad network of international contacts comprise European cluster initiatives and business environment institutions from the strategic for us regions in the world where new technologies, especially the mobile ones, are flourishing now. With the use of those contacts we are ready to represent Polish mobile solutions on the global stage and help our cluster members in internationalization. We cooperate closely with foreign partners from countries such as Germany, Finland, Turkey or Spain. We also take part in international projects and we are members of influential European organizations such as European Alliance for Innovation.