Maciej Kalkowski

President of the Board Centuria

Maciej Kalkowski is a classic example of an positivist that implements many of his ideas. He is a founder of three successful companies (,,, lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in Poznan’s Adam Mickiewicz University, as well as the originator and co-founder of the ScienceToBusiness Foundation.

Maciej Kalkowski has a lot of experience in IT infrastructure maintenance, as evidenced by Centuria’s projects and a large group of students attending his university courses – “Distributed Operating Systems” and “Linux Network Servers Administration”. Maciej’s adventure with Magento begun in 2008, 2 years after the founding of Centuria. During their 10 years of work, Centuria’s team developed and continues to implement the highest standards of Magento optimization, performance and security.


  • Meet Magento Polska 2017
  • 09:00 — 19/09/2017

    Speech Zone


    BLOK 1: Podstawy architektury systemowej i serwerowej Magento2 dla nie-programisty