Łukasz Baranowski

Omnichannel Project Manager Accenture

Łukasz Baranowski is an expert with almost 10 years’ experience in eCommerce / Digital solutions.

Recently, he works as an Integration Manager and concept owner of Magento based Omni-Channel solution for top global FMCG Company. As a Project Manager he led multiple projects for Magneto system implementation/enhancements – starting from project planning, schedules up to solution/technical architecture validation. Łukasz also worked on Magneto Enterprise and legacy systems (PSP, 3PL, etc.) being responsible for eCommerce operating model in Fashion Retailer market leader. Previously Łukasz managed Web developer & Web-application developer responsibilities as a freelancer. Participation in many projects (small & large scaled) for the biggest market players established Łukasz as a professional.


  • Meet Magento Polska 2016
  • 12:00 — 20/09/2016



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