Damian Luszczymak

Working as a freelance developer most of my young life, I decided to specialize in Magento in 2008, before version 1.0 was released (0.8x). I work at that time by a company that’s sales antibodies
When I started to develop the Magento shop we had 80.000 products (at the end over 100.000 with Magento 1.0).
As you can imagine Magento was a young shop system with many problems, so i decided to dig deeper. After a few months the community growth up in germany and we have the first conferences.
But the most conference are more merchant focused so i decide to make small conference (foocamp/fodcamp), we call them later Magento Hackathons.


  • Meet Magento Polska 2016
  • 15:30 — 20/09/2016



    Dreamteam Redis and Magento