Anna Völkl

Senior Magento Developer E-CONOMIX

Anna is a double Magento Master and Senior Magento Developer at E-CONOMIX in Linz, Austria. She has been specialising in Magento since 2011 and was announced as Magento Master (Mentor) in 2016. Prior to this she was a Magento Developer at LimeSoda, as well as a Java & PHP Software Architect and Project Manager since 2004.


  • Meet Magento Polska 2017
  • 12:30 — 18/09/2017

    Technology Room


    Magento Security Best Practices: Tools to improve the overall security of your Magento shops

  • 14:30 — 19/09/2017

    Business Room

    Discussion Panel

    Magento Masters Discussion Panel - Why contribution matters?