You’re About To Spend A Lot More on AdWords, And It’s Going To Be Worth It

This presentation is going to dive into the current state of Google AdWords in a historical context, to show how it started, and some key evolutions in the platform over the past few years.  The central point is to demonstrate the direction Google is taking the platform by looking at what their actions reveal, and to extrapolate what is likely to occur in the next few years as that strategy continues to unfold.  Google is steadily working to monetize search and funnel more and more clicks away from Organic search results and towards Pay-Per-Click.  SEO is not dead, but as this trend continues, ecommerce sites need to increase their efforts in paid search, or risk losing both their paid and organic search results in the next few years.  In order to stay competitive, merchants will need to steadily improve on what they are doing now.  More specifically, they will need to improve their results enough to be able to afford spending significantly more than they are now and still be profitable.
This presentation will give ecommerce merchants a high-level overview of what is happening with search, and how to prepare for even more competition than they are currently experiencing.