Adrian Chojnicki

CTO in Global4Net, a company specializing in Magento implementation. Adrian handles technological development, blazes a trial in tools, and resolution supporting deployment. Moreover, he always attempts to find the best solutions, meeting the clients’ requirements. He translates business language into programming one, and supports company staff in architecture preparation. Adrian gladly leads workshops, sharing his multiannual programming experience of Magento CE/EE, with the usage of i.e. Solr  + SolrCloud, Elasticsearch, Redis, HAProxy, and Varnish. He has the following certificates: Magento Certified Developer Plus, Zend Certified PHP Engineer and Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer


  • Meet Magento Poland 2017
  • 12:00 — 18/09/2017

    Speech Zone

    Case study

    CASE STUDY: Multistore Magento Enterprise na przykładzie Neonet i Neo24