Lukáš Bialoň from Artio: Czech friends visiting Poland during MMPL


We are very happy to see Artio among MMPL sponsors for the first time. Have you ever attended other Meet Magento events? How did you like them? 

Yes, we were also sponsoring Meet Magento Prague. It was a really nice event so we have decided to visit other Meet Magneto conference to see how it goes in different countries than ours. Poland is our neigbour so we thought it’s worht a go. We are really looking forward to visit Poland this year!

Have you ever been in Poland?

Sure, many times. We have a few polish customers. However it will be our first time to Meet Magneto Poland. We really look forward to it.

Why do you think sponsoring MMPL can be benefciary for Artio? What are your expectations regarding the event? 

Well, we have quite strong position in Czech Republic and we are quite well known. But polish market is our new opportunity. We treat it as a chance to see our current customers. Remote working in eCommerce is a great thing, but we appreciate face to face meeting even more. Of course we are looking forward to meeting new people – maybe customers, maybe partners. We hope to learn more about polish market and its specifics.

We will do our best to get you familiarized with polish market. But first, let’s introduce Artio to our attendees. How would you describe your company? What do you do?

ARTIO is Czech software company. Since 2006 we are focused on the software development. Our specialization aims on two major areas:

  • Implementation of open-source soulutions including extension development
  • Custom development

We have also created very popular modules and components for Magento or Content Management System. Several of these extensions are well known world-wide and used by tens of thousands of customers.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016? Do you plan to go to other MM events around Europe? 

We are very busy with our projects now, so we try to focus on events which we consider closest to our area, so MMPL will be the only conference we will visit this year.

Thank you, it’s only 3,5 months till the conference! See you soon!

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